Government release SHARP helmet ratings

Check in here to see how well - or how badly - your lid stacks up. Some of the results are surprising.

The results of the Government’s latest safety initiative, SHARP, has caused a mixed reaction from the UK’s helmet importers with some discrediting the scheme and others supporting it.

SHARP (the Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Programme) was launched last year at the NEC show with a target of saving the lives of 50 riders a year through an independent rating system of how much protection a helmet has. SHARP would test all the lids currently available in the UK at a test facility and give them a star rating from one to five. One being the lowest, five the highest. This, the Government believe, will make choosing the safest lid easier for bikers.

AGVAirtechFull faceXS-XXLNA 
AGVK SeriesFull faceS-XLNA 
AGVTi TechFull faceXXS-XXLNA 
AirohLeoxFull faceXS-XL£99 
AirohSpeed FireFull faceXS-XLNA 
AraiRX-7Full faceXS-XXLNA 
AraiCondorFull faceXS-XXLNA 
AraiGP5xFull faceXS-XXLNA 
AraiViper GTFull faceXS-XXLNA 
AraiAstroFull faceXS-XXLNA 
ArashiViperFull faceS-XLNA 
BellM1Full faceXS-XXLNA 
BoxBX4Full faceXS-XXLNA 
BoxBX2Full faceS-XLNA 
DemonStreetFull faceS-XLNA 
GrexRF2Full faceXS-XXLNA 
GrexR1Full faceXS-XXLNA 
HJCHQ-1Full faceXS-XL£249 
HJCCS-12Full faceXS-XXL£69 
HJCFG-14Full faceXS-XXLNA 
HJCCL-STFull faceXS-XL£109 
HJCFS-10Full faceXS-XXL£169 
HJCCS-R1Full faceXS-XL£99 
HJCFG-15Full faceXS-XL£139 
HJCIS-16Full faceXS-XXL£119 
Jebs903 R StuntFull faceS-XLNA 
KBCForce RRFull faceXXS-XXLNA 
LazerFibre ProFull faceXS-XXLNA 
LazerLZ6Full faceXS-XLNA 
LazerTornadoFull faceXS-XLNA 
LazerVertigoFull faceXS-XXLNA 
LazerFibre D1Full faceXS-XLNA 
NitroN810VXFull faceS-XLNA 
NitroN820VXFull faceS-XLNA 
NitroN330VXFull faceS-XLNA 
NitroN755VXFull faceS-XLNA 
NitroN1430VXFull faceS-XLNA 
NitroN1600 VNFull faceS-XLNA 
NolanN62Full faceXS-XXLNA 
NolanN84Full faceXS-XXLNA 
PremierMonzaFull faceXS-XXLNA 
RoofRO10 DiversionFull faceXS-XXLNA 
RoofRO10 DaytonaFull faceXS-XXLNA 
RSTRaceventFull faceXS-XXLNA 
RSTCobra VentFull faceS-XLNA 
SchuberthS1Full faceXS-XXXL£400 
ScorpionEXO-700Full faceS-XLNA 
SharkRSR2Full faceXS-XL£319 
SharkS500Full faceXS-XXL£114 
SharkRSF 2iFull faceXS-XL£159 
SharkRSIFull faceXS-XL£199 
SharkS800Full faceXS-XL£149 
ShoeiRaid IIFull faceXS-XL£250 
ShoeiXR-1000Full faceXS-XL£330 
ShoeiX-SpiritFull faceXS-XL£480 
SuomyExtremeFull faceS-XLNA 
SuomyGunwindFull faceS-XLNA 
SuomySpec 1RFull faceS-XLNA 
TakachiTK-30Full faceS-XLNA 
UrbanN20Full faceXS-XXLNA 
VemarVSREVFull faceS-XLNA 
VemarTAI2KFull faceS-XLNA 
X-LiteX601Full faceXS-XXLNA 
X-LiteX602Full faceS-XLNA 
X-LiteX701Full faceS-XLNA 
X-LiteX801Full faceS-XLNA 

How well did your lid do?