Go Adventure, with KTM World Adventure Week this July

KTM is calling on all riders to Go Adventure with World Adventure Week 2021 from July 5th to 11th


KTM is calling on all motorcyclists to go out and explore this July, as World Adventure Week 2021 begins. The goal of the global event is for riders to complete 1,000km (621 miles) or more in seven days.

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The event is a collaboration between KTM and Riser, a motorcycle app designed with budding adventure riders in mind. The two companies are urging all riders, regardless of what brand or style of bike they ride to go and explore the trails and lanes you always wanted to, but never got the chance before.

Prizes are on offer for the riders that adventure the furthest, with daily and weekly accolades up for grabs. There is also the chance to be featured on The World Adventure Week website, and KTM’s global social media channels.

The goal of the event is to strengthen the growing Adventure community and bring together riders who share the passion for adventure motorcycling. To enter, you simply need to download the Riser app from the App Store or Google Play and start recording your rides.

The Riser app is slightly more than just a web-based mapping system. It acts as a sort of roadbook for adventure riders, allowing you to record and document your ride, adding photos, notes and descriptions of the terrain as you go.

To find out more about the Riser app, head to: riserapp.com

To find out more about KTM’s World Adventure Week, head to: www.ktm.com