An Garda Síochána clamps down on illegal dirtbikes and quads in Dublin

Crackdown after bike crash incident left Dublin park sunbather critically injured

Dublin Gardai dirtbike seizure

WE SORT of see the problem - when we were kids we rode slightly dodgy (but not stolen!) hill bikes in fields behind the town. And when you're 14 and mad keen on bikes, you'll do anything to get riding. But still, you shouldn't be wheelying a 450 motocrosser about the housing estate, should you? And you certainly shouldn't be crashing into folk sunbathing in the park ffs.

Metropolitan Police video shows how easy it is to steal a scooter

So we reluctantly applaud the cops when they crack down on the more flagrant abuse of the laws round bikes. Like they've been doing on the estates of Dublin, Ireland this week. The Gardai seized a load of dirtbikes, scooters and quads in Ballymun yesterday morning.

The seizure operation came after a 16-year-old was questioned in connection with an incident at the weekend, when a man was taken to hospital with serious head injuries after being hit by a scrambler. The man was sunbathing in Darndale Park when an unlicenced dirtbike apparently hit him. The 39-year-old remains in a critical condition in hospital.