Four-year-old girl offers to buy her stolen PW50 back from thieves

And we’ve started crowd-funding campaign to help her get a new bike

Izabella Tunnicliffe

FOUR-YEAR-OLD Izabella Tunnicliffe from Tetbury in Gloucestershire has offered to buy her stolen Yamaha PW50 back from thieves using money from her piggy bank.

But we’ve got a better idea: let’s club together and see if we can raise enough money for Izabella to have a new Yamaha PW50. We’ve started a GoFundMe page for her and belive that with a little bit of financial input from the motorcycling community, we can make things right for her.

Izabella’s bike was taken on Monday April 10 along with two other motocross bikes during an early morning theft from the house where her father, sponsored motocross rider Joshua Crewe lives.

After finding out that her PW50 had been stolen, Izabella said, ‘Maybe I can give the baddies the money out of my piggy bank to get the motorbike back.’

Thieves are believed to have waited until Mr Crewe went to work at 5am before using bolt croppers to break in to a shed and steal Izabella’s bike along with a 2016 Kawasaki KXF250 worth £6,500 and a KX125 worth £2,500.

After Mr Crewe left for work, the thieves would have had easier access to the shed where the bikes were stored, and are believed to been lying in wait for their opportunity.

Izabella is devastated by the theft and was soon due to start AMCA school boy racing on her PW50. Her mum, Megan Tunicliffe, told us that her daughter ‘has never been into dance or anything girly – her passion has always been motocross. She definitely wants to follow in her dad’s footsteps and race and be sponsored like her father.’

Megan also added that the ‘police didn’t attend the scene and we’ve had next to no contact with the police force and very little has been done.’

So let's make it right - click here to make a donation to Izabella's new bike fund.