First successful tests for Guy Martin and 52 Express at Elvington Airfield

After two successful runs for the 52 Express, Guy Martin is aiming for 400mph to break the World Motorcycle Speed Record.

Guy Martin at Elvington for the 52 Express world motorcycle speed record

As each day passes, the world’s favourite speed machine Guy Martin seems to get closer to breaking new top speed records - this one is the World Motorcycle Speed Record, along with the 52 Express streamliner team, Project 100.

Yesterday, during day two of testing at Elvington Airfield in Yorkshire, the 52 Express streamliner was piloted to just below 150 mph - sights are set on breaking the current 375 mph record when the team head to the Uyuni high salt desert of Bolivia in 2023.

With more than a decade of designing and building under their belt, Guy Martin and the Project 100 team are chasing the current record of 376 mph, and aiming for 400 mph.

Over two days, the team saw the streamliner reach a successful sub 90 mph first run, lifting the Rolls Royce powered 1200 bhp machine off from its stabilisers and allowing the team to dial-in braking distances & establish baseline readings, whilst carrying out a number of systems and safety checks. 

Day two got the 52 Express up to 150 mph, and at this rate, they’ll be at 400 mph before they know it! Yes, we appreciate it gets far more difficult as the speed progresses…

Will Guy Martin and the 52 Express break the land speed record?

There is still more work to be done, and it’s very much the preliminary rounds of testing at this stage of the record attempt.

Streamlined bodywork is still due to be fitted over the 30ft labyrinth of aero-grade metal tubing, housing the fifty-year-old helicopter engine that was originally built in Derby over 50 years ago, with our Guy sitting in a 1950s style cockpit. 

The team behind the record-breaking attempt is led by 77-year-old former motorcycle Grand Prix and TT sidecar racer Alex Macfadzean, team manager Bernie Toleman (ex-endurance racer and BSB team owner), technical manager Dave Blundell, and design engineer Alastair Smith working from a team base in Essex. More info on the initial article we ran back in April

The photos captured by Rod Kirkpatrick of F Stop Press spectacularly showcase the sheer time and effort going to achieving the ultimate speed goal by the team, and I couldn’t think of a better man for the job than Guy Martin

Testing will continue on until the 2023 record attempt materialises, and we’re keenly watching the progress safely from afar here at Visordown. Stay tuned for more, and check out F Stop Press for further images. 

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