First Look: Ross Lovegrove's carbon fibre concept

The man that designed the Sony Walkman turns his skills to motorcycles

Lovegrove's carbon fibre Ridon

How sleek is that?

IT MIGHT not be a bike you can actually ride yet, but there are some interesting shapes and lines in Ross Lovegrove's carbon-fibre concept.

Now this sort of thing is pretty common amongst design students, we'll grant you that, but what makes this one more interesting than most is that this has been designed by Ross Lovegrove - the man world famous for his design work on the iconic Sony Walkman.

This piece of carbon thinking, called Ridon, is being looked at closely by several companies interested in developing the ideas to a working prototype. It is going on display as part of an exhibit called Primordial in Istanbul, Turkey.

It should be pretty easy to keep clean!