First Look: Roland Sands Aprilia 4.5 racer

Based on Aprilia's SVX 4.5, check out this exquisite Sands road racer

Sands' Aprilia based 4.5 road racer

BEAUTIFUL - absolutely beautiful.
This is the Roland Sands 4.5 road racer - track bike based around the Aprilia SXV 4.5

And it could go into production. Aprilia showed the bike to a group of distributors for the Piaggio group to gauge reaction and see if there would be enough worldwide sales of the bike to warrant it being made and sold to the general public.

Top American designer Sand modified the original bike's framework, put new forks on it, designed and fitted a new exhaust that exits under the seat and sorted out the paint and looks. The racer even keeps the original SXV's wire wheels. It is, simply, trick as hell.

Message to Aprilia: MAKE THIS THING. WE NEED IT. NOW.

Roland builds a great bike but knows bugger all about carpets