First Look: Orange County Stealth Bomber Chopper

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Like it or loathe it?

YOU'RE LOOKING at Orange County Chopper's latest motorcycle creation in the shape of the B-2 Stealth Bomber tribute.

The bike's petrol tank and front cowling are shaped to resemble the B-2's unique cockpit and fuselage; major components are painted to match its radar-dodging colour.

On the side of each wheel are five machined aluminum B-2 models positioned in the shape of the Air Force star, each model engraved with the tail number of one of the 20 B-2s in the current fleet.

The bike was commissioned by defense contractors Northrop Grumman, to celebrate 20 years since the futuristuc B-2 bomber took its first flight in July 1989. Northrop plans to show the aircraft throughout the year, so the B-2 Stealth Bike will be making the circuit of trade shows, air shows and other events.