First Look: The Magic Tricycle

Check this! A futuristic trike that turns into a motorbike to negotiate tight spaces

The Magic Tricycle on 3 wheels...

CONCEPT BIKES are getting cooler every year and this is one of the coolest things we've seen.

Design student Seyyed Javad Ghaffarian created the Magic Tricycle ( great bike, crap name - Ed) for Car Design News' 2008 design contest.

For motorway driving the futuristic machine uses all three wheels, but when things get a little tight the entire passenger cabin rotates, lifting the third wheel in the air, which sprouts blades that keep the chassis stable, just like in a helicopter tail. The seats in the cabin stay upright when it turns, so drinks can stay in their cup holders.

You can keep your Batpod, Batman - it's the Magic Tricycle for us (as long as we can change the name -Ed).

..and now on only two