First Look: Harley-Davidson 883 Iron

Old school look and matt-black paint for Harley's new entry-level Sportster

The new 883 Iron will retail at £5375

HARLEY-DAVIDSON has introduced its latest Dark Custom series Sportster motorcycle, the Iron 883.

Painted matt-black from front to back, the new motorcycle features an 883 Evolution engine and a “gritty, old-school garage look” - front fork gaiters and a drag-style handlebars are standard fitment on the Iron.

“The Iron 883 defies the plastic conventions of other motorcycles at this price,” said Mark-Hans Richer, Harley-Davidson’s chief marketing officer. “It’s got old-school style, a new-school ride and gives the owner a platform for creative customisation.”

The entry-level machine is priced at £5375.