First Look: Cosmos 4RWF

5,800cc and 250bhp - check out this bad boy

THIS IS the Cosmos 4RWF, a 5,800cc, 250bhp at 5,200rpm, 2.6 metre long, 475kg, V8 four-wheeled monster built by Brazilian Amadeu Ferreira, and it's now available to buy.

The four 17-inch wheels apparently give the bike a unique feel (you don't say...) and the bike was originally based on its smaller brother, the two-wheeled version, the 2RWF.

There's no mention of price yet, but it's not going to be cheap, is it? Ferreira said: "I created the company to create spectacular motorcycles of great power for riders  who appreciate the power and delivery of a V8 motor.

"Each motorcycle that will be made will be individually numbered and will be tailored exactly for the rider's size and reach."

How mad is that? We love it!.