Final Moto Morinis being made

Last hurrah for Moto Morini as liquidator recalls workers to construct a final batch of bikes

AFTER LAST-DITCH efforts to save the firm during 2010 came to nought Moto Morini was finally closed late in the year. But now some of the laid-off workers have been recalled to build a last batch of machines from leftover spares at the factory.

Liquidator Piero Aicardi reckons there are enough parts left in the factory to build as many as 45 bikes, with the production being split between 16 Scramblers and 29 Granpassos, seven of which will use frames originally built for the stillborn Granferro – a model that was revealed in 2009 but never reached production.

Originally, there was hope that Paolo Berlusconi – brother of Italian prime minister Silvio – would save Morini. He already owns the Garelli brand, and made a bid to buy the remains of Morini only to be blocked by the unions.

The final 45 Morinis are set to be sold without any warranty, with prices reflecting that; one of the final Scramblers is set to cost 6300 Euros (£5300) and the Granpassos will sell for 7100 Euros (£6000). They're all likely to remain in Italy, though.