Fiat tuner Abarth produce Yamaha FZ1 special

With Fiat sponsoring the Yamaha MotoGP squad, the designers at their sports division stopped pening cars and built this instead

CHECK out this picture of a concept FZ1 made by FIAT's sport division - Abarth.

The bike was put together to mark the 100th birthday of the Italian company's founder Karl Abarth.

Based on an FZ1, the 150bhp belching bike isn't all that unique because it has loads of widely-available bolt-on-bits like race suspension, an Akropovic exhaust system and better brakes.

But there is some talk that the grunty, more mid-range changes made to the motor might find their way onto a limited-edition, top-end-of-the-market special produced in conjunction with the FIAT company.

Hmmmm, quite fancy that, especially if the paint is a version of Rossi's racing MotoGP M1 livery too...