Female bikers to unite in worldwide relay

In just three weeks more than 5,700 female riders have signed up!

Female bikers to unite in worldwide relay

THERE ARE a fair few female-only biker meets, gangs and organisations nowadays, but none quite as ambitious as this – the Women Riders’ World Relay.

The name is fairly self-explanatory – the relay aims to unite lady bikers with one aim, passing a baton around the world on two wheels, across even the most remote of locations.

WRWR, as it’s known, was formed at the end of August by Hayley Bell from Warrington, England, in an attempt to wake the motorcycling industry up to the sheer number of female riders on the road.

“I’m tired of going into motorcycle stores and seeing 4 variations of pink leather jackets, that look as though they have been thrown together as a half-arsed attempt,” the 27-year-old said.

Women Riders' World Relay WRWR

“I want to show the industry the force behind the market that is so blindly overlooked.”

Hayley set up the WRWR Facebook page less than three weeks ago, and has already gathered more than 5,700 members, from as far afield as Pakistan, Bangladesh and South Africa. Australia is by far the most heavily represented country on the page, with almost 2,000 riders, while the UK is second with half the number.

Along with her 6 page admins, Hayley aims to have got at least 17,000 women bikers on board by December 2018, with a plan to launch the world relay in Spring 2019.

We’ll be sharing regular updates on the WRWR and if you’re interested in taking part, join the Facebook Group here.