Female bikers brave bad weather for record attempt meet

While the record wasn't beaten, there was still a great turnout. 

Female bikers brave bad weather for record attempt meet

FOUL WEATHER may have thwarted Moto Advisor’s female biker meet record attempt, but still hundreds of ladies on two wheels gathered at Lynn’s Raven Café in Whitchurch on Sunday.

The aim was to beat last year’s record of 1132 female bikers in one place – set by Moto Advisor in the same place – however torrential rain and strong winds prevented many from making the journey to the north western biker café.

Nonetheless, 443 women did make it, with some travelling from as far as California to attend the day. There was a strong manufacturer and retailer turn out, with the likes of MotoGirl, J&S accessories, Held, and Oxford Products on hand with their top selling female products. Triumph also brought a number of its low ride height models for the attendees to try out for size.  

Jackie Adams, Triumph aftersales field co-ordinator commented: “It’s brilliant to see everything flipped on its head, to see so many more women than men riding, and you feel like you’re not odd, like you’re the norm!”

Also on hand to show their support were a selection of female biker cohorts, including Hell’s Belles, Motorbike Women and Dykes on Bikes – the UK’s only lesbian and bisexual motorcycle club.

The day culminated in a raffle draw, in which dozens of prizes donated by manufacturers and retailers were awarded. 

Moto Advisor is the brainchild of bikers Nimi Patel and Sherrie Woolf. The duo organised The World’s Largest All Female Biker Meet with backing from The Bike Insurer. Their aim is to raise awareness of women on two wheels and encourage manufacturers to increase their female bike ranges.

Speaking at the event Woolf commented: “It went really well and the atmosphere has been great.

“This morning we thought we were just going to be here by ourselves because of the weather, and I thought we’d be lucky to reach triple figures.

“But I’m really surprised at how many women did come through this weather to make it today, and the ladies that came today were determined so it was just a really positive vibe. Even though there was less of us than planned it was a really nice environment and everyone still had a great day.

“And we’re looking into setting this as a wet record, as that doesn’t exist yet.”