England fan hit by motorcycle in Brazil

Both rider and England fan 'looked drunk'

CCTV footage has captured the moment an England football fan becomes victim of a hit-and-run incident.

Mark Fisher, 25, Penrith, was seriously injured on Tuesday when he ran into the path of an oncoming motorcycle on the Avenida do Contorno in Belo Horizonte.

Both parties were knocked to the ground, however, the rider got up and immediately fled the scene on foot.

Fisher was taken to Joao XXIII Hospital’s accident and emergency suffering with a broken arm and serious injuries to the face.

Eduardo Renault, a Brazilian student who witnessed the accident, accompanied Fisher to the hospital to help with translation.

He said: '(Fisher) didn’t understand what had happened. He looked confused and he looked like he was drunk.

'The motorcyclist also looked drunk and his bike didn’t have a license plate number which is probably why he ran.'

Belo Horizonte detective, Ramun Sandoli, explained: 'He wasn’t crossing at the zebra crossing, but that doesn’t take away the responsibility of the motorcyclist.

'The driver must have seen him before he hit him and he didn’t help him after the accident or stop to see whether he was ok.

'He just ran away and we are now looking for him. I hope the local population will help us to identify who he is.'

Fisher, who remains in hospital, was said to be too intoxicated to respond to police questioning.