Is the end of free motorcycle parking around the corner?

As Lewisham Council announces plans to bring in parking charges for motorcycles in the borough, is the end in sight for free motorcycle parking?

motorcycle parking

ONE of the many benefits of riding a motorcycle is the ability to haul up, hop-off, hang on some security, and head off to complete whatever it is you need to do.

That freedom could be coming to an end for some London residents though, as Lewisham Council is looking at forcing motorcycle riders in the borough, and those commuting into it, into shelling out for the privilege of parking their motorcycles.


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The proposal so far is that residents will be paying £125 per year for annual parking passes, while companies will be charged £625 per year for a business parking pass. Forming part of Lewisham’s Climate Emergency Action Plan, the move looks more like a thinly veiled attempt at filling the council’s coffers.

Furthermore, those commuting into the borough from other parts of London will also be stung, with pay-per-session bays and short-stay Pay & Display bays for bikes being proposed.

The council is asking for opinions on the matter, from residents of the borough, those who commute into it, businesses affected by the move and the general public. As many see motorcycles in major cities as a solution to climate change and not a factor that is adding to it, the parking charges do not seem proportionate.

Camden also proposed to bring in parking charges for motorcycles although thanks to successful lobbying from groups like We Ride London, the roll-out has as yet not happened. Let’s hope with the support of the public the same outcome can happen with the Lewisham proposal. It sets a worrying precedent, and as we have already seen with things like major city ULEZs, once other councils realise there is cash to be made, they’ll quickly jump on board with the idea.

To add your opinion to the consultation, head to: