Ducati reveals car-to-bike communication technology

It has been developed in conjunction with Audi and Ford

C-V2X direct communication interoperability demonstration Ducati

DUCATI, in collaboration with Audi and Ford, has taken part in in the first US demonstration of the ConVeX (Connected Vehicle to Everything) project, a communication system that links vehicles, street infrastructure and pedestrians.

A Multistrada 1260 was implemented in the test, which took place at Las Vegas’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES). It has previously been demonstrated in Germany in July 2018.

The project is a key part of Ducati’s “Safety Road Map 2025” strategy which aims to develop new safety systems and technologies for motorcycles. To start with, the Italian manufacturer is extending ABS Cornering to its entire range, which will be followed in 2020 by the market launch of a bike with front and rear radar.

At CES, the three companies announced their joint efforts in accelerating commercial deployment for C-V2X direct communication technology for roadside safety, traffic efficiency and automated driving.

The Multistrada 1260 joined vehicles from Audi and Ford to demonstrate various driving situations using wireless C-V2X direct communications. They were placed in a situation which exhibited how C-V2X can be used between vehicles to negotiate the right of way in a four-way, non-signalized intersection, where they couldn’t necessary see each other.  

The companies also exhibited additional Vehicle-to-Vehicle, Vehicle-to-Pedestrian and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure safety scenarios, which included the Intersection Movement Assist (IMA) scenario, to avoid angle collisions at junctions and the Work Zone Warning scenario, which is designed to provide drivers advanced warning of road construction ahead.

Pierluigi Zampieri, Vehicle Innovation Manager at Ducati Motor Holding, commented: “This demonstration is showing use cases in which advanced technologies can significantly improve the safety of motorcycle users.

“C-V2X communication is one of the key projects of the Ducati 2025 safety road map. There’s no better place than CES to talk about our roadmap towards the future”.

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