Ducati releases new 'Storm Green' colour for the Streetfighter V2

Ducati has announced a new colour for the Streetfighter V2 naked bike, with a deep, matte metallic green scheme being added. 

Ducati Streetfighter V2 in Storm Green paint

Ducati has announced that the Streetfighter V2 will now be available in a new colour: matte metallic green. 

Ordinarily, matte and metallic are mutually exclusive, of course. But this is Ducati, where ‘mutually exclusive’ triggers a thought of ‘doubly exclusive’ in the minds of its Centro Stile designers. 

Officially, the colour is called “Storm Green”, which is a curious name, since storm clouds tend to be a deep grey or black colour. But, we’ll go with Ducati on this one since, despite the reality being that all Ducatis ever created look best in red, this one actually looks pretty good in the new deep green. It’s not striking, but it goes with the aggressive lines and ‘angry’ face quite well. 

And, lets face it, the Streetfighter is a bike made to look good as much as it is to go fast. It lies in between the performance focuses of the Panigales and the DesertX, along with the Monster and Multistrada. Sure, the performance is notable - 153 horsepower from a 1000cc two-cylinder is nothing to be sniffed at - but it is not so far down that line that concessions cannot be made for other things, like looks. 

Sure, the aesthetics of the Streetfighter are not for everyone, but they fit its name well. If it had beautiful, curved lines or an understated, low-detail, flat-surface fairing those visuals would be in juxtaposition with the bike’s name. ‘Streetfighter’ should look like the only thing stopping it from destroying your house when you park it in the garage after a ride is a consciousness. The lines achieve that, and the dark green, honestly, intensified it. 

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