Ducati, Porsche Collaborate on New One-Off “Riding Experience”

The latest addition to the Ducati Riding Experience roster also involves a bit of driving thanks to the involvement of Porsche

Porsche & Ducati Experience

Ducati has collaborated with the German car manufacturer Porsche for the latest, one-off addition to the Ducati Riding Experience roster.

Obviously, the involvement of Porsche means that driving as well as riding is involved in the new Porsche & Ducati Experience.

In addition to that, it is sure that what you will be driving and riding should be fairly entertaining. Porsche is providing its 911 Carrera S, 911 Carrera 4S, 718 Boxster GTS 4.0, Cayman GTS 4.0, Cayenne, and Cayenne Coupé, while most of Ducati’s range will be on offer, but (slightly disappointingly) minus the Panigale roster.

The Experience will be hosted at the Autodromo di Franciacorta in Italy, which is home to a neat little race track (which has featured on some of the Ride games) and the Porsche Experience Center Franciacorta. Franciacorta also has some off-road areas, meaning something like a DesertX won’t be out of place.

“The course is designed for anyone, from beginners to more experienced drivers and riders,” Ducati says. Each day of the Experience is divided into two parts, with one dedicated to driving and the other to riding, “so as to be able to better learn all the secrets of safe driving in both worlds,” Ducati says. Additionally, it says that the riding part of the Experience will follow the tutoring style used on the DRE Road course.

Participants have to provide their own safety gear, including a full-face helmet, leather or Cordura jacket and trousers with shoulder, elbow and knee protection, a back protector, gloves, and boots. Those who do not already have any of the kit required can request it when booking their place on the course, but this is subject to availability.

Registration for the event - scheduled for 29-30 June - is already open on the DRE Academy website.

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