Ducati address Panigale trackday noise issues

Panigales have been failing static noise testing at trackdays

DUCATI'S new Panigale has been falling victim to the decibel meter at many UK trackdays.

The Panigale has been mainly failing static noise tests and not drive-by tests, however, owners can't get out on track to prove the bike will pass a drive-by if they've failed a static test.

Ducati UK has stepped in and taken the Panigale and Panigale S to circuit operators including MSV, Silverstone and Donington where they carried out static and drive-by tests. Although noise testing varies from circuit to circuit, Ducati have proved that even if the Panigale does fail the static test, it won't always fail the drive-by. Usually if a motorcycle fails the static test it will fail the drive-by too, but the Panigale's engine and not the exhaust appears to be the factor in failing the static test.

In a statement to Visordown, Ducati said: "We are now confident that this issue will not present a significantly higher risk to those wishing to take their bike on track than is normal for a Supersports bike."

Ducati are now in the process of setting up a noise testing schedule for Panigales with Ducati Performance 'slip-on' exhausts and also those with a full system to further help the circuit operators assess the bike.

If in doubt, check with your trackday operator.