Ducati add two colours to their 1098 range

No prizes for guessing Ducati's new colour schemes

DUCATI have stunned the world with their 999 replacing 1098. Although no-one really knows what the bike is capable of, after it was launched at a high altitude track in South Africa, where the lack of oxygen strangled the bike's all-new 1098cc motor, leaving journalists stranded for an opinion on what could be the superbike of 2007.

Although only red bikes were available on the launch, Ducati's CEO, Federico Minoli, has announced two additional color combinations for the exotic Italian superbike. The additional colours are as follows:

1098 Tricolore: Red, White and Green

1098 S: Red and Black with red frame

1098: Red and Yellow

The new Ducati 1098 Superbike produces a claimed 160hp and 90.4ft/lbs of torque at the crank, which, if proven true, will make this the most powerful twin-cylinder motorcycle in the world, with the highest torque-to-weight ratio of any superbike. It's just a shame that the launch location left the 1098 wheezing like a 20-a-day smoker. The stats look promising though, with the 1098 also claiming the unofficial accolade of being the lightest open class superbike available, at a claimed 172kg.

The question is, what colour would you have it in?