Double Serious Crash Survivor to Take on 24-hour Endurance Race!

The two crashes happened just three years apart but now, he’s getting back in the saddle - and he’s not taking it easy!

Double Serious Crash Survivor to Take on 24-hour Endurance Race!

Gareth Bright, Founder of events company Woodcote Events, is set to take part in a gruelling 24-hour off-road endurance race in 2024, as he takes on the Dusk To Dawn event in August.

The event comes just a few years since Gareth was involved in two serious bike accidents, both of which have left him with life-changing injuries and a lengthy recovery time. Looking to use the event as a form of mental and physical rehabilitation. He’s forming a two-rider team with experienced on and off-road racer Virgil Stevenson, who will be taking on the most gruelling of the three classes in the event.

Speaking about the reasons behind wanting to take on the enduro, Gareth said:

“I’ve had limited movement in various parts of my body since my accidents. Now that I am heading into the later stages of my forties, I’m now overweight and have two children both under the age of sixteen that I want to get fit for, so I have concluded that it is about time I did something about this.

“I’ve had my GasGas EC 300 for a couple of years and have hardly ridden it due to the apprehension I’ve had about riding since my accidents. Off-roading is a new discipline for me and, having been out on the bike a handful of times, I am itching to improve my riding skills and make it a regular activity. I love it, but my body has been restricted for several years now.”

The idea to take part in the race came about partly thanks to the event's founder, and friend of Gareth and Virgil, Nick Plumb. Nick is a successful off-road and rally racer, having the honour of being the youngest Briton in history to complete the Dakar - an event he took part in a total of four times.

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Speaking about his chances of a top finish, Gareth is being realistic, but admits this is more about the challenge than the finishing position. 

“I’m not necessarily in it to win it, although that would be nice! I’m more in it to push myself and my bike to the limit, with support from Virgil. The taking part is what matters, plus the journey I will be taking to get race-fit”.