Devon and Cornwall releases fatal accident footage

As part of new campaign to highlight the dangers of speeding

DEVON AND Cornwall police has released onboard footage showing a pair of riders hitting speeds of up to 170mph before one of them clips a car and is fatally hit by oncoming traffic.

Devon and Cornwall police force says it is the highest speed it has ever seen recorded on a motorcycle and has released the edited footage as part of a new campaign to highlight the dangers of speeding.

The two riders are Fred Bowden and Andrew Prowse. The footage, recorded by Bowden shows them massively exceeding the speed limit, with Bowden touching 170mph on the A30 in Cornwall. After exiting a roundabout, Prowse overtakes some traffic on his Kawasaki ZX-10R, but gets clipped by a car overtaking some slower traffic in its lane, resulting in him being fatally struck and decapitated by an oncoming campervan.

Mr Bowden, 47, from Cornwall, last week admitted dangerous driving at Truro Crown Court and escaped prison with a 51-week sentence suspended for two years. Bowden, who was fined £190 and banned from driving for three years, was spared prison after Prowse’s family pleaded for clemency.

During the trial Judge Judge Christopher Elwen told Mr Bowden, ‘You will have to live with this for the rest of your life.’