Design and buy your own self-designed lid with Helmade

Helmade is offering punters the chance to design their own motorcycle helmet on its website

Custom Bell Moto

German firm Helmade is offering buyers the chance to design their own custom motorcycle helmet prior to checkout. The company of offering lids from some of the biggest names in the business, including Arai, Premier, Bell, X-lite, Nolan and more.

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Designing your lid is easy, although you have varying layers to work with depending on the helmet selected. For the Bell Moto-3, you can see at the top of the page, you have three areas you can alter, the main or base colour – covering most of the lid. The second colour – covering the centre of the chin bar. And the third colour affects the pinstripe on either side of the coloured chin section.

For each section, you have a choice of basic colours, soft, metallics, bright/fluorescents, and glitter/flake finishes. If you are not selecting the flake finishes, you also have the option of selecting a matt finish for your lid. From there, you get the option to add a small (like, tiny) signature to the side of the lid – the option to make that a bit bigger and move it around the helmet would be most welcome.

Now, this all sounds very good, doesn’t it? Well before you get clicking, there is a catch… A stock of Bell Moto-3 in the UK is priced between £150 and £200. The Helmade version is £379, and that’s before you’ve added on the painting cost which is an eyewatering £270! So, all in, my blingin’ gold flake Bell Moto-3 is about to cost me £552.