Daytona Milton Keynes launch Daytona Bikes

Now you can experience mini-moto thrills on track

DAYTONA are well-known for their karting but now they're branching out into bikes. Daytona have been into Karts since 1990 and run their events from three different locations: Milton Keynes, Manchester and Sandown Park.

Daytona Bikes will offer riders the chance to experience the thrills of racing without the cost and the potential danger of high speed competition on the track. If you've ever ridden a mini-moto or mini-bike, you'll know that you don't need triple figures top speeds to have fun.

The bikes are 110cc 4-stroke single speed machines capable of nearly 45mph. Riders will be encouraged to bring their own gear - alternatively Daytona can hire out all the necessary protective kit for £20 - (one piece suit / gloves / boots / helmet)

Riders will get three practice laps followed by a heat-based knockout competition of three heats consisting of five laps each. The top riders will move onto an eight lap final - champagne to follow. A 15 minute test session will cost just £30, a full GP heats session with final - 15 riders minimum £65 each.

For more info on the above or any other Daytona events, call Daytona on 0845 6445503.