Daredevil biker jumps between roof ledges on £100m mansion

Biker given permission to stunt his motorcycle in £100m house

A BIKER has uploaded a video of himself pulling stunts in a mansion under renovation.

Chris Northover, editor of Superbike magazine, was given permission to ride his electric motorcycle in the house worth over £100m, owned by Foxton’s property agency founder Jonathan Hunt.

The YouTube video titled ‘Storm the Embassy’ shows Mr. Northover doing wheelies, stoppies and burnouts in the London property, and then breaking out on to the roof where he begins to jump the motorcycle between roof ledges.

Northover, 27, said: "We had a contact who spoke to the owner of the building to ask if we could do the stunt and he said, ‘Go for it'. He was quite happy for us to go and rip around the house.

"The owner wasn't too worried about any damage. He was quite into it when we put the idea to him which we were really surprised at.

He explained what future plans he had: “This is the first real ‘urban’ stunt I’ve done in such a location, but we’ve done some other performances in a derelict farm and we’ve got one planned for an aeroplane graveyard in the midlands.”

Adding: “The jumps in between the window boxes on the rood were definitely the scariest, but I’d practiced the distance between the gaps on the floor beforehand.

The eight-bedroom property on ‘Billionaire’s Row’ in London is located within the Kensington Palace Gardens, where as of mid-2012, average prices for a property on the street were over £122m.

The house once belonged to the Russian Consulate but was purchased by Hunt in 2005 for £14 million, and has been under renovation since.

Hunt, who sold his Foxton’s agency in 2007 for £390m, has extension plans for the house including a 50ft basement excavation for sports facilities and a designer garage tailor-made for his six vintage Ferraris, old ‘Art Deco’ French cars and a Yamaha 500cc race bike.