Dangerous drivers who cost lives could get life sentences

Changes have been brought in that could see dangerous drivers who kill on UK roads handed down life sentences

Dangerous drivers who cost lives could get life sentences

DANGEROUS drivers who cost the lives of other road users could land up getting a life sentence, as new laws to tackle dangerous driving are brought in.

The move is part of the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act, which is a large-scale bill covering a number of sentencing changes. These range from new rulings for terrorism and causing mass loss of life, and also those who kill on the UK roads.

The changes include powers to hand out life sentences to those who kill on UK roads while under the influence of drink and drugs. Previously, the maximum penalty they could impose was 14 years imprisonment for the offences mentioned.

The life sentences can now be handed down to those deemed to have been driving dangerously when they took the life of another road user. The changes have been spoken about for some time now, although it was only earlier on this year that they officially came into force. The changes affect roads in England, Wales, and Scotland – but not Northern Ireland.

The rules on road users are specifically related to incidents whereby the driver is deemed to have used their vehicle as a weapon to cause harm, injury, or death to another person.

Speaking when the changes were introduced, the then Justice Secretary Dominic Raab said:

“Too many lives have been lost to reckless behaviour behind the wheel, devastating families. We have changed the law so that those responsible will now face the possibility of life behind bars.”

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