Dakar 2021 gets augmented reality putting fans in the hot-seat

The 2021 Dakar rally is just days away and one of teams has just invited the world along for the ride!

Dakar 2021 gets augmented reality putting fans in the hot-seat

THE start of the 2021 Dakar Rally is just days away, with the event set to kick off on the 3rd January 2021. For fans of the event – and let’s face it, who isn’t!? – one team has just provided us with a never before seen insight into the iconic event.

For fans looking for a wart and all insight into the 2021 event, one team and one motorcycle rally racer are giving all of you the chance to tune in and view it all from the rider’s perspective.

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The news comes courtesy of tabUI, an app that was originally set up to help people discover the Piedmont region of northern Italy – a far cry from Saudi Arabia, where the 7,646km race begins. The apps owners are seeing the event as the perfect way to raise the profile of the technology, as tabUI CEO, Giorgio Proglio explained:

“The Dakar is obviously one of the most extraordinary sporting events ever and is a showcase unmissable for a brand like ours that wants to grow more and more, but the main reason for our choice is to carry out an experimentation, a sort of innovative test with augmented reality in the middle of the desert”

The rider who is taking us on the journey is Cesare Zacchetti, a local to the region of Piedmont, and rather than just replaying the course to fans across the road, he’s giving you the chance to get involved too! Zacchetti will be asking questions and commenting on the day – obviously not while riding we hope! The most interesting questions will be answered in a live video every day.

To keep up to date with his progress, head to his Facebook page here: facebook.com/cecezacchetti