Cracking classic collection on Craigslist

Check out this lovely selection of top-quality classic bikes on sale in Delaware.

THE good thing about bikes is that in the bigger scheme of things, they don't cost the earth, and are quite small. So if you're dedicated, have the space, and some spare cash, you can build up a nice little collection of 'em. Like this person in Delaware, USA has clearly done. On this ad on Craigslist, the seller has listed dozens of top-notch Japanese classic bikes from the 1960s and 70s. Amongst the loads of sweet Honda CB350s, 450s, 550s and Yamaha XSs, are a few Kawasakis and Enfields, and the pics show almost all in great condition.

Even our cynical eyebrows are raised at this lovely collection. Well worth a click on the ad for a look at them all...

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