Companies House issues notice to dissolve Norton Motors UK Ltd

Breaking news: first Gazette Notice issued under Companies Act 2006 giving notice that Norton will be struck off the Register of Companies and dissolved

Norton Superlight

THIS HAS just come into us, and we're still trying to get to the bottom of it. Essentially, Companies House has issued a notice to wind up Norton Motorcycles within two months, under the Companies Act 2006. The notice is issued under section 1000(3), which normally applies when the Registrar thinks a company is not carrying on in business or in operation.

We're trying to find out more - whether this is a simple admin oversight, or if there are deeper issues. In the meantime, the original Companies House notice is here. 

And here's a quick guide to Section 1000(3).

UPDATE: Companies House has discontinued the action, four days later. Full update story here. 

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