City Bans Full-Face Motorcycle Helmets

A city in Southeast Asia has taken the bizarre step of banning full-face motorcycle helmets from use within its boundaries

Yamaha NEO's riding through an urban area. Ride wearing blue riding jeans and black, leather riding jacket and Joker Ruroc ATLAS 4.0 helmet.

A city in the Philippines has taken a rather odd decision relating to motorcycle safety, by banning the use of full-face motorcycle helmets.

Instead of using full-face motorcycle helmets, people riding in the city of San Carlos in the Philippines have been instructed by local authorities that they should wear open-face helmets.

While this seems immediately like a backwards decision that reduces the safety of motorcyclists either living in or travelling through the city, the San Carlos local government has said that the move is to prevent crimes that are conducted by people on motorcycles who use full-face helmets to conceal their identity, according to the Philippine News Agency.

Mayor Renato Gustilo of San Carlos signed the Executive Order enforcing the full-face helmet ban last weekend. The Mayor said that the ban was in place “within the city proper,” but that “starting in any of these (stated) areas going outside San Carlos City, the wearing of a full-face helmet is required.”

The Order is enforced by checkpoints. “All motorcycle drivers and back riders must take off their helmets, bonnets, or masks upon order of the law enforcers manning the checkpoints, which are established at designated areas pursuant to this order,” Gustilo said.

In addition to the ban on full-face motorcycle helmets, a new speed limit of 40kmh, or 25mph, has also been introduced within the city.

This move in San Carlos follows the banning of jet helmets in Spain, where it has also become mandatory to wear gloves while riding a motorcycle.

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