Children, 10, allowed to see biker's dead body

Funeral Director allows unknown children to view biker's corpse

THE FAMILY of a biker killed in a motorcycle accident have spoken of their disgust after children were allowed to view his body at a local funeral directors.

Daniel Trott, 22, from Bransholme, Kingston upon Hull, was killed last month, after his bike crashed into a lamppost.

The Co-operative funeral home, who were taking care of Mr Trott's body, allowed three children to visit the deceased, even though the family had given strict instructions to staff not to allow anyone to view his body without their permission, reports today's Hull Daily Mail.

It's reported that neither the funeral home nor the family know who these children were.

Donna Fountain, Mr Trott's mother, said: "It is disgusting. Words can hardly describe it, but what happened I think is despicable.

"We told staff the only people allowed to see my son were those who had business cards, which were given to us by the funeral home.

"But the three children were allowed in. I found out after they told my youngest son they had visited Daniel.

"I rang the home and asked if he had had any visitors and they confirmed the children had been to see him.

"It is heartbreaking enough to lose my son, but to allow anyone in to see him has turned his death into a freak show.

"It really is disgraceful."

A spokeswoman for The Co-operative Funeralcare told the newspaper: "Our member of staff acted in good faith, believing the boys, who explained they were friends of the deceased, had been given permission by the deceased's mother.

"This was an error, for which we have apologised to the family."