Check if your motorcycle is compatible with E10 fuel

With E10 fuel flowing from UK petrol pumps as early as September 2021, it’s good to check if your bike is compatible

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E10 fuel will begin flowing from petrol pumps around the UK as early as September this year. The move is part of the UK government’s drive to cut carbon emissions.

The new fuel uses 90 per cent petrol and 10 per cent bioethanol and is being touted as being capable of reducing the UK's road emissions of carbon dioxide by as much as 750,000 tonnes a year.

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Now, onto the important bit…

Any petrol motorcycle or car will almost certainly run on E10, it is just another type of fuel, after all. The concern with E10 is that it can be damaging to an engine’s ancillary systems, fuel lines, pumps, and rubber seals. The problem could be more prevalent in older, classic, and vintage engines.

To try and help drivers figure out if their vehicle is compatible, a tool has been launched on Gov.UK, aimed at giving riad users a good idea if their bike or car is going to be compatible with the new fuel. Although, it’s not foolproof. It does not include all vehicles and it might not be kept totally up to date.

If you still aren’t sure after using the compatibility checker, have a look in your bike’s handbook or call the UK office of the manufacturer and they should be able to tell you. Failing that, the warning stickers that many bikes wear on the fuel tank and around the filler cap will give you a good idea of whether your bike is compatible with E10.

If you still aren’t sure, simply don’t use E10, or only use it if there is nothing else on offer. E5, the grade we currently have, will still be available in the UK, it will simply be known as the ‘Super’ grade.

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