Bullshit survey decides which bikes make you sexiest

Could a 1299 Superleggera get you more dates than Tinder? It's unlikely...

Bullshit survey decides which bikes make you sexiest

ARE YOU looking for a sure-fire way to get sexy, and quick?

Forget the magical fountain of youth or even Instagram filters. All you need to do it buy a Ducati 1299 Superleggera.

That’s according to motorbike movers www.wmbpride.bike, who quizzed 2,386 single Britons aged 18 and over on what vehicles they look for in a potential partner.

A third of those surveyed (32%) admitted to judging someone on their vehicle, while 10% said that it was an important factor in choosing whether or not to date someone. (Notably only 12 per cent found their own vehicle to be sexy.)

And when asked what vehicles they look for in partners, 32% of those questioned said ‘something sexy’, while 29% lusted after ‘something fast’. The more boring of the respondents (20%) said a reliable vehicle was likely to raise their rev counter.

But interestingly, while more than 60 per cent of respondents hankered after ‘sexy’ and ‘fast’ bikes, when showed pictures of motorcycles and asked to pick their top five, these were the most popular choices:

1.      Ducati 1299 Superleggera - 43%
2.      MV ‘Augusta’ F3 RC - 36%
3.      KTM 1290 Super Duke R - 35%
4.      1948 Vincent Black Shadow ‘Lightening’ - 32%
5.      1925 ‘Borough’ Superior SS100 - 28%

The top three make perfect sense. Each is powerful, sexy and goes like the clappers.

But the Vincent and the ‘Borough’ Superior (that’s right, they managed to misspell three of the five motorcycle names - Brough, Agusta and Lightning). While exquisite and stunning bikes in their own right, they are neither sexy nor fast.

So what does this pointless survey show? Firstly, whoever wrote the press release needs to learn to spell.

Oh, and the general public know nothing about motorcycles.

But we knew that already…