BSB: Jack Valentine joins Kawasaki's BSB squad

Former Foggy Petronas and V&M chief back in BSB

Jack's back ... and still in green

JACK Valentine has joined the ISILON MSS Discovery Kawasaki team. Jack's first race will be with the team from this weekend's Knockhill British Superbike race until the end of the 2007 season.

The move has been made to free-up Team Owner Nick Morgan from the direct running of the race team in the pitlane on race weekends. Nick will still oversee every part of the ISILON MSS Discovery Kawasaki team, but the general running of the garage will benefit from Jack's immense experience.

Jack's credentials are top-notch. From a career beginning in drag racing, where he claimed ten national and three European motorcycle drag racing championship titles, Jack and business partner Steve Mellor formed V&M Racing in 1982. After years in the drag race scene, V&M dominated Supersport 600 racing in the UK for a number of years, winning many Supersport titles with Honda and Yamaha machinery.

V&M also had many TT wins to their credit, including a number with Yamaha and the legendary David Jefferies. Most recently the 54-year-old from Oldham and his own Valmoto team formed the TT-winning Supersport squad with Triumph and in 2005-2006 Jack was team manager for the Foggy Petronas team in the World Superbike championship.