Brazilian man rides motorcycle 60 miles to hospital with knife in his head

Not the SHARP helmet rating he had in mind

A BRAZILIAN man rode his motorcycle 60 miles to the nearest hospital after being stabbed in the head at a party.

Juacelo Nunes rode for more than two hours along jungle roads from Agua Branca to Teresina, Brazil, with a 30cm knife sticking out the side of his head.

The motorcycle taxi driver suffered from damaged nerves and veins after the blade embedded itself into Nunes’ upper jaw, narrowly missing his left eye.

Nunes allegedly never lost consciousness on the ride and eventually underwent three hours of emergency surgery to remove the knife.

Gilberto Albuquerque, the director of the hospital in Teresina, said: ‘The knife passed through several nerves and veins, structures that can quickly kill a patient.’

The 39-year-old victim, who is ‘recovering surprisingly well’, said: ‘I thought I would die and only came to believe when I saw what happened to me, because if someone told me I would not have believed it.'

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