Brad Pitt throws Desmosedici RR tantrum

Battle between two Hollywood stars to get ultimate Ducati

Brad Pitt ... rides a monster

ACCORDING to reports on American showbiz website TMZ – Brad Pitt has thrown a ‘tantrum’ at not being the first Hollywood star to get a Desmosedici.

TMZ says it has obtained emails that show that there was a high-powered power-struggle by Pitt’s people to make sure their man got his hands on the Superbike first rather than big-screen rival Tom Cruise.

Pitt and his staff have denied the claims saying that Pitt had never ordered the bike and was never supposed to get one.
However, according to TMZ the e-mails, sent by a UPS member of staff to various freight terminals, instructed that all shipments of the bike be stopped immediately until Brad got his delivered.

TMZ say that the first e-mail claims the delay "has something to do with Brad Pitt not receiving his first." A second says, "Please be sure and DO NOT DELIVER THESE BIKES UNTIL NEXT TUESDAY. We wouldn't want to upset Brad Pitt."

A UPS source claims the shipping freeze ticked off Denzel Washington and Michael Jordan, both of whom allegedly complained.

When another American source contacted UPS the spokesperson for the firm repeated several times: "I do not want to comment on that."