Boorman's bike stolen, recovered

Thieves don't adopt sentimental approach to Boorman's BMW

CHARLEY Boorman, the adventuring best-mate of Ewan McGregor, had his BMW R1200GS Adventure stolen but only for a few hours as it happens.

Boorman's bike was lifted in the early hours of Saturday morning, but the thieves clearly didn't know it was fitted with a tracking device.

The bike was traced to a SW London location but then moved to Watford. Bike Trac then alerted the police and it's claimed the bike was recovered from a garage in Watford, partially dismantled.

Boorman said: "Naturally I was pretty shocked to learn that my bike had been stolen. In normal circumstances the chance of ever seeing a bike again after it's been stolen is very slim."

Lock it up properly next time, Mr Boorman.