BMW recalls batch of new F850GS and F750GS models with engine faults

Problems with oil pump drive on around 1,400 bikes

BMW recalls batch of new F850GS and F750GS models with engine faults

ACCORDING to German bike magazine Motorrad, the Munich firm was forced to recall a large number of both models because of problems with the gear drive to the oil pump, which could cause premature wear or serious engine damage.

The magazine quotes BMW press spokesman Gerhard Lindner as saying that 1,385 units of the two models, which both share the same 853cc engine, were affected in Europe. They were part of a batch which featured engines delivered from China, then installed in BMW’s Berlin factory.

However, BMW Motorrad UK has moved to reassure British customers that their bikes are not affected by this issue.

A spokesman for the company told Visordown: “There was an issue noted with one small batch of bikes that received a faulty part.

“The batch (1,400 bikes in total) was identified before the vast majority left the BMW network so almost all bikes were not with customers.

“The bikes concerned have been rectified and delivery to customers is not now affected.

“There were a maximum of three bikes that could, potentially, have been with customers but even these may have been intercepted before handover.”

I’m currently running a F850GS as a long termer, so this is music to my ears. Click here to read how I’m getting on with the middleweight adventure machine.

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