BMW Motorrad Days 2021 has been cancelled due to COVID-19

BMW has cancelled the 2021 Motorrad Days event scheduled to take place in Berlin later this year

BMW Motorrad Days

COVID-19 has claimed another unsurprising victim, as BMW the already relocated 2021 Motorrad Days festival.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has effectively made the event untenable, with shifting restrictions across Europe and beyond making it highly unlikely that anyone would travel even if the event had gone ahead.

Visordown at BMW Motorrad Days 2019 | 1,000miles to Garmisch and back

Visordown at BMW Motorrad Days 2019

The 2021 running of the event was to be the 20th anniversary of the biggest festival of all things BMW, although for the first time in more than 15-years the location of the event would be in Berlin. Normally the fans of the boxer-twins descend on the skiing resort Garmisch-Partenkirchen, although last year it was announced the party would shift to Berlin.

The statement confirming the cancellation of the 2021 BMW Motorrad Days event reads:

“In light of current developments and the associated extensive measures to contain the coronavirus, not to mention our duty of care towards our guests and staff, it is with a heavy heart that the Organization Team of the BMW Motorrad Days has decided to cancel this year’s event as already in 2020…

“Our early cancellation will moreover make planning easier for our many overseas visitors, knowing they have longer lead times for logistics and travel arrangements.

“All the more we are already looking forward to July 2022, where we finally will be able to celebrate again with all our guests and fans at the BMW Motorrad Days.”

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