The BMF has given advice for British bikers going to Europe

As issues surrounding the transport of motorcycles from the UK to the EU persist, European motorcycling as a British rider continues to be complicated.


The issues in transporting a motorcycle from Britain to the EU continue, the British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF) has warned. 

Since a ruling by the European Commission in May, that guaranteed there would be no problems for any “means of transport” entering the EU from the UK, confusion has arisen over some interpretations by French customs. 

In some cases, there would be no issues, but in others, the wording of the ruling of the European Commission could be interpreted such that a vehicle that is not moving under its own power - rather it is on the back of a truck or van, for example - is not actually a ‘means of transport’ for the period of time in which it is moving not under its own power. 

The second interpretation of the European Commission’s ruling resulted in some people who were transporting motorcycles to the EU from the UK requiring an ATA Carnet for their bike. 

Motorcycle organisations such as the BMF and the National Motorcycle Council (NMC) have been working to resolve the issue since it arose last month. However, as of now (21 June 2022), the problem persists. 

“I’m sure this will be addressed,” said BMF Chair, Jim Freeman. “The question is: when?”

Freeman continued, offering the following advice to British motorcyclists: “In the meantime, the best solution, with a road registered bike, is to ride it into Europe. If you must transport it by van or trailer, an ATA carnet will be the best option.”

ATA Carnets are not the only paperwork British motorcyclists are having to deal with at the moment. As we wrote last week, France also requires Crit’Air emissions stickers on almost all vehicles, with hefty fines for those who do not have one. 

The documentation and emissions stickers required in France are combined with the restriction of motorcycles on weekends in some German mountain roads, and the requirement of a fire extinguisher in Romania, to make the current reality of motorcycling in Europe - whether as a Brit or a European - a complicated affair at present.

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