Bikers take crime fighting into their own hands

The group insists that they are not vigilantes

A GROUP of motorcyclists in the Capital have taken motorcycle theft matters into their own hands and began 'patrolling’ in an effort to reduce crime.

Riding anything from Harleys to Honda Groms, the bikers parade around theft hotspots, checking that bikes are secured and actively seeking out the criminals.

Their mission has been highlighted in a video by the BBC, in which they claim that the measures are necessary because of how ‘overstretched' the police are.

Shane McDonald, one of the group, commented: “We all have great respect for the police, but the resources that they have to combat motorcycle theft is zero to none.

“We’re not vigilantes, we don’t think that we’re the law, we’re just here to stop motorcycle theft.”

However, Scotland Yard has warned against anybody taking on criminals themselves. 


I have no problem with motorcyclists administering serious beat-downs to motorcycle thieves. The fear of being yelled at is unlikely to deter motorcycle thieves. But broken ribs and busted knee caps are much more more likely to make a lasting impression.

Here is a second for that sentiment...

And the more who join up the better.

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