Bikers more at risk on the roads than in 2016

The Department for Transport data reveals a sharp increase in fatalities for motorcyclists.

Bikers more at risk on the roads than in 2016

The annual report reviewed all personal injuries in road traffic accidents, noting the number of people injured or killed in accidents and what they were riding or driving at the time.

There were 349 motorcyclist fatalities last year, a nine percent increase since 2016. In total, motorcycle users of all kinds accounted for 19 percent of all road deaths in 2017. A worrying figure when you consider that motorcyclists make up only 4 percent of road users!

There were 18,042 casualties in total where a motorcyclist was involved, a drop of 7% year on year compared to 2016. 91 percent of the total are male, while 30 percent were aged between 17 and 24. Nearly half of all casualties occurred in accidents in just London and the South East.

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