Biker seriously injured on non-essential journey during COVID-19

A motorcyclist has been seriously injured after crashing his bike while out riding for non-essential reasons during COVID-19

air ambulance

WITH the current restrictions in place during COVID-19, we are all faced with only being able to use our vehicles for essential reasons. This is a cautionary tale of why nipping off for a quick blast could be a very bad idea.

The rider in question was riding in the hills in East Lancashire at the time of the collision. The person then looks to have collided with a wooden fence at the side of the road, ejecting himself from the bike and wedging the machine under the fence.

After the air ambulance was called, the rider was taken to hospital where he said to have sustained serious back injuries in the incident.

A spokesman for the Lancashire Police said on Twitter:

“Motorcycle RTC in the hills of East Lancashire, serious back injuries sustained … Police, Ambulance and Air Ambulance deployed … The journey? Non-essential.”

So if the police were on the scene as advised, that probably three or four officers on the ground from them. An ambulance too, that’ll be another couple of NHS staff out when they really shouldn’t have been. Then add to that the air ambulance, which is a crew of around four people and costs about £12,000 a day to run. That ride out has probably cost the UK tax-payer a lot of cash that at this time, really didn’t need to be spent.

When can I ride during COVID-19?

  • Only ride or driver when shopping for essential shopping
  • Picking up medicine for yourself or a vulnerable person
  • When travelling to and from work that absolutely cannot be done from home

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