Biker jailed after 150mph Police chase

Court slams speeding biker after he sped from Police in high speed chase

A 150MPH Police chase which continued across two counties has resulted in a biker being jailed for 12 months.

Camera footage taken from a police helicopter showed 44-year-old Cameron Stalker undertaking motorists, weaving in and out of traffic and reaching speeds of between 100 and 120mph through built-up areas. Stalker later sped away from police who were chasing at 150mph.

Prosecutor John Brennan told the court: "He was moving from lane to lane at speeds of between 100 and 120mph. When police were following him while he was travelling south he was accelerating away when they were travelling at 150mph."

Despite pleas from the defence, Stalker was sentenced to 12 months behind bars and banned him from the roads for two years.

The judge said: "It is remarkable that you did not kill yourself but it is also remarkable you did not kill someone else at the same time.
Putting members of the public at risk as you did means there must be some sort of a deterrent sentence, not just to punish you but to remind others if they use the roads in this fashion they will be dealt with by the courts severely."