Biker groom breaks leg on wedding day after receiving a text saying "break a leg"

Motorbike crash on way to church casts shadow over wedding day joy

A GROOM who was sent a text saying 'break a leg' before setting off to his wedding by motorcycle - broke his leg in a motorbike crash minutes later while on his way to the church.

Nick Fortey, 42, had hired a Harley-Davidson to ride in style to his wedding to marry Emma Byrne, 28, when he was involved in an accident whilst riding the big V-twin, causing multiple breaks to his leg.

Ironically, just before setting off on his ride to the church, Mr Fortey received a text from a relative, which read: "Just wanted to say enjoy your day and break a leg."

Following the crash, which involved a car, Fortey was whisked to hospital by ambulance, where surgeons operated on three breaks to his leg.

Despite his misfortune, he ordered his bride and guests to carry on the wedding reception without him; his would-be wife had a first dance on her own, as well as making a thank you speech.

Speaking of the incident, Mr Fortey told the Daily Telegraph: "I really wanted to ride a Harley to my wedding.

"I never imagined in a million years that I'd end up coming off it - especially after being told to break a leg."