Bike gang members jailed over airport brawl

Seven men from two biker gangs each get six years in prison for violent airport punch-up

SEVEN MEN from two rival biker gangs have been jailed for their part in a violent fight at Birmingham Airport.

Birmingham Crown Court heard how around 30 Hells Angels and Outlaw members fought a violent battle at the international airport last January. Many of those involved in the brawl were carrying weapons, including a meat cleaver and a knuckleduster.

The men were each sentenced to six years in prison.

Four Outlaws - Mark Moseley, 46, of Orchard Rise, Sheldon, Birmingham; Neale Harrison, 46, of Bell Green Road, Coventry; Mark Price, 50, from Westbury Road, Nuneaton, Warwickshire; and Jeremy Ball, 46, from Plant Street, Cheadle, Staffordshire; were found guilty of rioting in May.

Three Hells Angels - Paul Arlett, 35, from Penn Road, Wolverhampton; Sean Timmins 38, from Briewood Road, Wolverhampton; and Leonard Hawthorne, 52, of Eve Lane, Dudley; were also found guilty of rioting last month.

In a separate incident in September 2008, Sean Timmins was cleared of Grevious Bodily Harm after refusing to give evidence in court. During the trial he told Judge David Wynn Morgan:

“If it means me being in contempt of court and being jailed, then so be it - I will not tell you who it is because I'll be thrown out of the Hells Angels after 10 years.”

One member evaded sentencing over the airport brawl: Mark Larner, 47, from Penn Road, Wolverhampton, fled the UK for South Africa. A warrant was issued for his arrest.