Bike gang leader jailed for 5 years

Stuart Dawson, European head of The Outlaws, sent down over drug offences

THE EUROPEAN HEAD of notorious biker gang 'The Outlaws' has been sentenced to five years in prison for drug offences.

Stuart Dawson, aka Dink, was convicted at Caernarfon Crown Court after being found guilty Class B drug offences following an extensive surveillance of the gang's stronghold at Colwyn Bay.

It's reported Dawson was caught in a deal involving amphetamines worth £20,000.

In recent years the Outlaws have clashed with rival biker gang the Hells Angels; the ongoing feud resulted in the much-publicised murder of Hells Angel Gerry Tobin on the M40, in August 2007.

Last year Dink spoke exclusively to Sky News, denying The Outlaws were involved in any form of organised criminal activity:

"It's ridiculous to say we're an organised crime group, we're disorganised really, we're just different."