BMW S1000RR: Quarter mile in 8.49 secs

Ryan Schnitz rips up US drag strip on a virtually bog standard S1000RR

US DRAG racing hotshot Ryan Schnitz has decimated a quarter-mile strip in a mind blowing 8.49 secs on a BMW S1000RR with a bog stock motor.

Schnitz's Brocks Performance-built machine, which cranks out a crazy 203 rear wheel bhp, runs nothing more than a lengthened swingarm, a Brocks exhaust and a custom fuel injection map.

To put that in some sort of perspective, a 1990s British streetbike drag racer, riding a custom-built big-block machine armed with a turbo and even nitrous, would have killed for a time in the 8-second bracket.

Unbelievable! 158mph in 8.49 secs.

Watch him go!